Mujumdar Cricket Academy


Upcoming Tour

Exposure Cricket Tour of London

Tour dates: 1st July 2019

Mujumdar Cricket Club will visit England on 1st July 2019.
Players interested to go with the team to England should contact the club office immediately, limited seats are available.

Contact: Shri Sunil Mujumdar

Phone No: 0712 244654
Mobile: +91 98230 28540

National Tours

We organize tours to other states of India to cover some major tournaments from our club.
Sr. No Tournaments Year Resullt
01. Dehradun U/15 2005-06 2-1 Won
02. Dehradun U/13 2006-07 3-2 Won
03. Dehradun U/14 2010 Jan 5-1 Won
04 Dehradun U/13 2010 Feb/Mar Won
05. Dehradun U/14 2011 Feb
06. Gondia U/15 2009 Won
07. Chandigarh U/16 2010 May/Jun