Mujumdar Cricket Academy

Director’s Desk

Mr. Sunil MujumdarDirector Mujumdar Cricket Club

India has abundant cricketing talent and passion for the game of cricket. In past few years we have seen the emergence of cricketing stars from the district level. A journey of a successful cricketer from a novice is always passes through expert coaches; this flourishes him as a skillful sportsman.

In sports, coaching helps an individual to get the right direction, acquire important skills. It helps individuals to get confidence and motivates them to play better. As the game of cricket changes from time to time, so the coaching techniques also need to improve. The training sessions are developed such as every students fits in because they have different natural talents, and they play, think differently.

I believe, good coaches and trainers bring out the best in players by helping them hone their skills, learn how to play on a team, inspire them to be their best. I wish all of them very successful life in future, cause a sportsman never say die in any situation.

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