Mujumdar Cricket Academy


Summer Camps and Winter Camps

Every year Mujumdar Cricket Academy organises Summer and Winter Camps. The Camps cater for all standards, from beginners to advance. Our camps provide professional cricket coaching for boys and girls from the ages of 8 to 16 years old.

MCA Guest Coach Rajesh Chauhan with Sunil Mujumdar
Rajesh Chauhan at Mujumdar Cricket Academy

200 boys attended the Summer Camp 2010. The coaches involved in this camps are Mr. Jayantilal, ex-test player , Mr. Rajesh Chauhan, ex-test player.

The Director of Coaching, Mr. Sunil Mujumdar, design the summer camp schedule that provides a great introduction to cricket for beginners, and develops the cricketing skills and techniques of children with a basic skill level. The camp is visited by current or ex-professional players to share their experience and knowledge with the players. These camps cover all aspects of cricket, such as Test , One Day and T20 Cricket.

Summer Camps

The Summer Camps held between April-June to coincide with school holidays, with morning and evening batches.

Jeyantilal Kenya at MCA giving batting sessions

Mr. Jayantilal, explaining batting drills to Players at the Summer Camp 2010

Winter Camps

The Winter Camps held between October – November with morning and evening batches.

Jayantilal Kenya giviing bowling sessions at Mujumdar Cricket Academy

Mr. Jayantilal, ex-test player giving Tips to the Players at the Summer Camp 2010