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MCA womens team bolling Coaching

If you are a cricket enthusiast and want to learn the finesse of cricket you are at right place. Our training program makes player technically, mentally and physically strong.

Cricket has evolved drastically over the years, with the introduction of one-day and T20 cricket, the emphasis on scoring rate is increased.

First looking at the basic principles behind the disciplines, and then taking a closer look at the finer points of the different areas within each aspect. The training program focus on all major aspects of cricket - batting, bowling, fielding and tactics.Cricket is a team sport and 'Team spirit' and self-belief can go a long, long way.

MCA One-to-One Coaching

One-to-One Coaching

Mujumdar Cricket Club offer one to one coaching for the cricketers who want that special attention to improve the certain aspects of the game.

One-to-One Coaching, in this session the player gets 100% attention.
Video analysis of technique can be provided on demand.

Batting Drills

Grip, Stance and the Back-lift are the very fundamental skills for the batsman.
Special emphasize is given on the balance, keeping the head still, watching the ball till end, this helps player to choose the shot. The course teaches complete range of cricketing shots along with running between the wickets and rotating the strike.
Defense - Back foot & Front foot, Square Cut, Pull Shot, Hook Shot, Leg Glance, Off Drive, Cover Drive, Square Drive, On Drive, Straight Drive, Sweep Shot, Lofted Shot

Bowling Drills

The bowlers needs good rhythm in run-up and follow through to bowl perfect line and length ball at the stumps to dismiss the batsman. Bowling DrillThe bowlers needs correct technique to optimize performance and prevent injury. The bowling techniques are taught on the basis of biomechanics to pace bowlers as well as spin bowlers. This includes bowling action, run-up, and follow through. The flaws in bowling action are rectified in the training program. The run-up for the pace bowlers needs to be long enough to allow bowler to reach its fastest speed to deliver the ball. The follow through needs to slow down naturally to avoid any sudden forces, which can cause injury. The course teaches complete range of bowling technique as per the individual need.

Seam Bowling, Swing bowling, Wrist Action, Leg spin, Off spin, Googly.

Fielding Drills

In today's game fielding has become a prominent skill alongside batting and bowling. Players like Jonty Rhodes, shows the cricketing world that the fielding is an important aspect in winning a game. Following fielding drills are performed during training.

Ground fielding high catches, Sliding, Close catching Slip catching, Under-arm throw, Over-arm throw, Under-arm flicking